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Mike Munter LLC
9020 N Tyler Ave
Portland, OR 97203

Mike Munter LLC Overview

Mike Munter LLC provides a variety of niche services in the digital marketing and online reputation management spaces.

ORM services include Google Autocomplete and Related Searches repair and online management and collection of 5-star reviews.

Mike also selectively works with a small group of search engine optimization (SEO) clients that want to rank higher in Google and generate more sales from their online presence.

Another area of the business that is growing is consulting. Over the years, Mike Munter LLC has developed lots of strong relationships with individuals and agencies in the digital marketing world. With so many of these contacts now specializing in one facet or another, it has put Mike in a position to act in the role of consultant. He’s able to pre-qualify and refer clients to his contacts who he knows will do right by the client.

With so many rogue players in online marketing, Mike’s trustworthiness and relationships have proven to be a real asset for clients who are leary of getting burned. Mike earns a small commission each time he helps place a new client with one of his specialist colleagues.

Mission Statement: To provide honest advice and reasonable expectations to clients seeking online marketing or reputation management services.

Q&A With Mike Munter LLC

How is Mike Munter LLC different from it’s competitors?

Clients should choose me for their Google Autocomplete and Related Searches problems because I believe I’m the most knowledgeable expert in the US when it comes to these algorithms. No one has invested the time or money into building the right crowdsource platform to get reliable results over 80% of the time. In fact, several outstanding agencies refer their clients to me because they trust that I will do my best to get the job done.

Clients should also choose me for my honesty and my relationships. There are a lot of rogue agents in digital marketing (both US and overseas) who will take your money and do nothing. I hear stories almost weekly of businesses and individuals getting scammed out thousands of dollars.

I shoot straight and when needed, refer business to my colleagues who in many cases are more knowledgeable than me. I also rely on them for their valuable advice and their friendship.

What is the corporate culture like at Mike Munter LLC?

Well, it’s just me. Mike Munter LLC is a sole-proprietor, single owner LLC. I don’t have full-time employees and have no desire to build a “company” with offices and overhead.

That being said, I do work with a small group of part-time contractors who help me manage different areas of the business. If I have a “corporate culture” it would be to let them know that we rarely have an emergency. If something is urgent, I will let you know, but most of the time, relax. As long as you get the work done, I generally don’t fuss over deadlines.

What are the greatest strengths of the business?

I think one of my greatest strengths is the relationships I have with the people I work with and the colleagues and agencies I refer business to. Having a team of people I can trust translates into trust with my clients. When a new client calls me with a problem, I don’t overcommit and I don’t talk about things I don’t know about. If I’m inexperienced in an area, I tell them, and then I either try to find the answer or refer them to someone who can help them.

I’m a big systems guy, so I work hard at trying to scale and keep things easy. This helps to keep costs down, which often translates into lower prices than big firms charge who have offices with lots of overhead. I work from home. All I need is an internet connection (and two side by side screens) and I can get to work.

How has the business climate changed since the business started?

When I started out, I did SEO. Then I tried to do web design. Then I discovered online reputation management and tried that. One day, I accidentally found out how to manipulate Google Autocomplete. And on and on.

In the first five years of business, I was trying to be all things to all people. I spread myself thin and although I learned a lot, I didn’t become really good at anything.

Since then, I’ve found out that other people are much better at certain areas than I am. I have no desire to compete with them and would rather refer them business in exchange for a little commission if they’re able to close the lead. I like this model because it allows me to focus on leadgen which I like and systems – which i LOVE.

Along the way, I discovered the few niches that I wanted to specialize in and things are a lot more fun now. I’m getting smarter at what I do and it’s easier than it used to be.

My advice to anyone in the online world would be to niche down – get really good at one or two things and mine that for all it’s worth.

What is the primary form of marketing that produces the greatest ROI? Please explain in detail.

Luckily, I’m able to generate a lot of inbound leads. I do this by focusing on writing the best possible blog posts that target a product or service I want to sell. I focus on uniqueness, length and helpfulness. When I sit down to write a blog post, it is usually an all day affair. It will include samples, case studies, explanations, screenshots, step by step directions, and sometimes videos. I always aim for at least 1,000 words and often exceed 2,000. Then I make sure it’s useful to a consumer or business owner.

So, even though it takes time and energy to craft a well-written blog post, when it’s done, it’s done. And if it winds up ranking well, it can generate leads year after year.

A nice side benefit is that often other agencies will find my posts and either become a reseller or choose to refer me all their leads for the thing I’ve written about. It can multiply pretty quickly. Some blog posts I’ve written have generated over 500 quality B2B leads.

Where do your greatest opportunities lie for future growth?

In 2018, I decided to orient my business around 3 words: Easy. Fun. Systems.

If a new project (or client) does not adhere to these 3 guiding principals, I usually will not take it on.

Since making that commitment and getting clear, business has grown significantly.

I feel like I’ve discovered the formula that brings me the greatest amount of happiness in my work and as I look toward the future, I want to continue to build on what I have and grow into other areas, as long as they fit into my core principals of easy, fun, and systems.

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by Joel M. on Review Cobra

The work performed was always paid for in the timely manner stated.

by Geraldine on Review Cobra

Thanks Mike! I had a wonderful time working with you. God bless...

by Melanie on Review Cobra

Mike is great to work with and always timely in paying out for the work completed!

by Mike on Review Cobra

Awesome work, great job!

by Brandon on Review Cobra

Mike is a stand up guy. I liked working with him and will do again in the future.