If you operate a digital marketing agency that provides SEO, PR, and/or ORM, we’d like to partner with you.  It’s FREE!

As an Agency Partner, you receive:

  • A Review Cobra author account, which allows you to publish an unlimited number of business profiles
  • Immediate, free publishing of every business profile you create
  • Outbound links to your client’s website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages

All we ask in return is that you promote each business profile you create by linking to it and/or sharing it on social media. This helps Review Cobra rank better for everyone.

Step #1: Apply To Become An Agency Partner

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Step #2: Use This Form To Create A Great Looking Profile

After you become an Agency Partner, always use the form below to quickly publish a consistent, great looking profile like this one.

Choose your nickname from the drop down. After you complete the form and hit send, we email you a perfectly formatted HTML file with complete instructions, so you can immediately publish a great looking profile everytime.

Please provide a 150-word third person descriptive overview of the business, using paragraph breaks as needed.

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How are you different from your competitors? Why should customers choose you over them?

What is the corporate culture like? Provide examples of initiatives that support the business culture.

What are the greatest strengths of the business? Please provide 1-2 examples of the strengths in action.

Select 1 question from the drop-down menu and answer it below.

Select 1 question from the drop-down menu and answer it below.

Where do your greatest opportunities lie for future growth? Explain 2-3 things you are really excited about.